Interface Lexer

All Known Implementing Classes:
DefaultJFlexLexer, EmptyLexer, EvidenceLexer, JavaScriptLexer, KreatorAntlrLexer, KreatorConsoleLexer, KReatorJFlexLexer, SimpleRegexLexer, VerySimpleLexer, XmlLexer

public interface Lexer

Lexers must implement these methods. These are used in the Tokenizer A Lexer should be tied to one document.

Ayman Al-Sairafi

Method Summary
 void parse(javax.swing.text.Segment segment, int ofst, java.util.List<Token> tokens)
          This is the only method a Lexer needs to implement.

Method Detail


void parse(javax.swing.text.Segment segment,
           int ofst,
           java.util.List<Token> tokens)
This is the only method a Lexer needs to implement. It will be passed a Reader, and it should return non-overlapping Tokens for each recognized token in the stream.

segment - Text to parse.
ofst - offset to add to start of each token (useful for nesting)
tokens - List of Tokens to be added. This is done so that the caller creates the appropriate List implementation and size. The parse method just adds to the list