Interface Summary
CheckboxContainerComponent<T> A generic interface for all components which are containers like lists, trees which give the user the ability to de/select each items with checkboxes.

Class Summary
CheckboxList Provides a list of checkboxes.
CheckboxTree A tree hierarchy where every node can be selected / deselected by a checkbox.
ConsoleTabbedPane The Class ConsoleTabbedPane manages the ConsolePanes.
FileEvidenceSelection This control shows all evidences which are saved in a given SampleCollection and let the user decide which evidence should be activated / deactivated.
PathListComponent This component provides an interface for adding/removing files (or folders) to a list.
ProjectContainer GUI element to show a view on a Project in the projectPane.
ReportPane Represents a report view.
Tab This interface has to be implemented by components, which can be added to TabbedPane.
TabbedPane This tabbed pane extends Java's standard tabbed pane.
TabTitle Provides a tab title for usage in TabbedPanes.
Toolbar A toolbar for the userinterface.
UserAppendRemoveList The list gives the user the ability to append custom data to the list.