Class Learner

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ParameterLearner, StructureLearner

public abstract class Learner
extends java.lang.Object
implements ModelComponent

This abstract class is the common ancestor for all specific model-learners. A learner's main purpose is to provide the method "learnModel" which takes a list of atom expressions (the data) and learns a knowledge base of the given type out of them. For each model type that provides at least one learning algorithm a specific learner has to be implemented.
The task of learning a knowledge base can be divided into structure learning and parameter learning. For both of these tasks abstract learners are available that can be employed for implementing a specific approach.

Matthias Thimm

Constructor Summary
Method Summary
 java.util.List<AtomExpression> incorporateClosedWorldAssumption(java.util.Collection<? extends AtomExpression> samples)
          This method incorporates a closed world assumption into the given set of samples.
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Constructor Detail


public Learner()
Method Detail


public java.util.List<AtomExpression> incorporateClosedWorldAssumption(java.util.Collection<? extends AtomExpression> samples)
This method incorporates a closed world assumption into the given set of samples. This means, for every boolean predicate "p" of arity "n" appearing in "samples" and any n-vector "[c1,...,cn]" of constants appearing in "samples": if "p(c1,...,cn)=true" is not in "samples" then "p(c1,...,cn)=false" is added.

samples - a collection of atom expression.
a set of atom expressions that consists of all atom expressions in "samples" and every "p(c1,...,cn)=false" such that "p(c1,...,cn)=true" is not in "samples".