Class OtherFile

  extended by
      extended by
          extended by
              extended by
All Implemented Interfaces:
StainedListener,, java.lang.Comparable<>

public class OtherFile
extends DataFile

An OtherFile object is any other KReatorfile not explicitly captured by the other children of DataFile.

Matthias Thimm
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Serialized Form

Field Summary
Fields inherited from class
fileContent, LOG
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pathSeparator, pathSeparatorChar, separator, separatorChar
Constructor Summary
OtherFile( file)
          Constructs a OtherFile object with a given project and file.
Method Summary
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getAllSupportedFileExtensions, load, save
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addKReatorFileListener, fireModelChanged, getFileContent, removeKReatorFileListener, setFileContent, stainedStatusChanged, viewsAreStained
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canExecute, canRead, canWrite, compareTo, createNewFile, createTempFile, createTempFile, delete, deleteOnExit, equals, exists, getAbsoluteFile, getAbsolutePath, getCanonicalFile, getCanonicalPath, getFreeSpace, getName, getParent, getParentFile, getPath, getTotalSpace, getUsableSpace, hashCode, isAbsolute, isDirectory, isFile, isHidden, lastModified, length, list, list, listFiles, listFiles, listFiles, listRoots, mkdir, mkdirs, renameTo, setExecutable, setExecutable, setLastModified, setReadable, setReadable, setReadOnly, setWritable, setWritable, toString, toURI, toURL
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Constructor Detail


public OtherFile( file)
Constructs a OtherFile object with a given project and file.

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