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On this page you find a list of benchmark examples for relational probabilistic models.

The following zip file contains a KReator project with the formalizations of the problems discussed on this page for BLPs, MLNs, and RMEs.

Example: Alarm

This example models the probability of the occurence of an alarm in the presence of a burglary and/or a tornado. Given different probabilities of burglaries and tornados depending on the city a person lives in this example serves as a testbed of how good a framework aggregates different causal sources for queries.

Additional files:

Example: Bloodtype

This example models the probabilistic dependencies between bloodtypes of different people that are in conspecific relations.

Additional files:

Example: Cold

This example models infection and spread of common cold within a population. It gives three causes for catching the common cold, namely 1.) initial infection, 2.) infection due to susceptibility, and 3.) infection by contact with infected people. This example serves well to model multiple causal sources and accumulation of reasons for a query.

NOTE: The BLP version of this example is not functional as BLPs cannot perform inference in the presence of circular dependencies.

Additional files:

Example: Elephants

This example models a zoo with elephants and keepers. It represents the probabilities of elephants liking keepers in general and furthermore models two exceptional individuals, the elephant Clyde and the keeper Fred, for which different probabilities hold. Thus, this example models default as well as specific knowledge.

Additional files:

Example: Birds

This example models the ability of birds to fly. Due to the inability of penguins (which are birds as well) to fly this example serves well to illustrate the handling of exceptional individuals.

Additional files:

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